Why Karlez O Rings are so Durable?

Kalrez O Rings

Seal design is an important factor in food safety, dairy production, beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing and aviation industry. There are several other industries where the seals are used and play vital role in the safety and durability of the products.

O-Rings Make the Difference!

The O-ring is an important part of the seal. An O-ring is a doughnut-shaped seal made from a specific type of elastomer. O-rings are generally installed into the seal to prevent unwanted leakage and escape or fluid loss. At Bay Seal we offer a variety of AS568 Standard O-rings in metric, DIN, and custom sizes in a wide range of materials.

Test Before you Choose!

There are many things to consider when choosing an elastomer for your application. If your sanitary O-ring and gasket are Class VI certified, you can be confident that they have been tested to the highest standards for food applications or pharmaceutical products. This means less downtime and the best product for your application. Our products comply with the food safety standards set by the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Durability! Thy Name is Bay Seal Kalrez O-Ring:

Bay Seal Kalrez elastomers used in the aerospace, chemical, chip and oil and gas industries provide greater stability, greater resistance and more efficient sealing. The four key properties that make Kalrez perfluoroelastomer parts a preferred choice for critical sealing applications are their fluid and chemical resistance, as well as their ability to withstand more than 1,800 different chemicals and solvents. Standardizing with Kalrez products can help reduce the need to keep multiple materials in stock and, as a result, lower the cost of inventory.

Kalrez has been shown to retain its sealing force under harsh and aggressive conditions, which is superior to other solutions. Kalrez parts have a low degree of compression set, which allows them to recover more easily and maintain tight seals for longer. The Kalrez Spectrum 7075 parts are better able to withstand compression than many other perfluoroelastomers.

Kalrez elastomers maintain their elasticity and recovery properties well under high temperature conditions, and Kalrez 7075 elastomer retains its properties even after long-term exposure to temperatures up to 327 degrees Celsius. The increasing demand for cost-effective sealing solutions and concerns about the environment have caused many design and processing engineers to turn to perfluoroelastomer sealing parts as the most effective solution.

Perfluoroelastomers are valuable in applications where traditional elastomers fail. Seal Bay Kalrez perfluoroelastomer seals can last significantly longer than conventional sealing solutions, even under less arduous conditions. When considering the economics of elastomeric seals, it is important to look beyond the cost of the seal itself and compare the total cost related to the sealing solution.

How to Increase the Durability of O-Rings?

By taking life-prolonging measures, one may be able to increase the durability of the Karlez O Rings. The use of different processing solvents and temperatures resulted in different PTFE sealant performance. Bay Seals used a variety of processing solvents, surfactants, and concentrated herbicides at temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius and pressures from 1.5 bars to 3.5 bars to increase the lifetime of Kalrez O-Rings.

The Difference We Create:

Bay Seal Kalrez parts are often more efficient than other types of parts and can last longer, which reduces downtime and increases MTBR. The use of these safety devices helps to reduce the risk of accidents and uncontrolled leakage, both on production sites and elsewhere.

We have several types of Karlez O-Rings. One of the sealant has excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance, and compression set resistance. It is able to adapt to temperature cycling effects, and has a high time between maintenance intervals. There is no need for frequent seal changes, repairs, or inspections, making it a very reliable sealant. Kalrez 9300 is resistant to oxygen and fluorine-based plasma and etch process chemistry. The material is well suited for static and dynamic sealing applications, and has a low metal content.

Additionally, it has excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength. A temperature of 300 degrees Celsius is suggested as a maximum application temperature. Post-cleaning and packaging of Kalrez 9300 parts is always performed to the highest possible standards.

Kalrez Rubber O-Rings:

Kalrez rubber O-rings are well-suited for use in demanding applications in harsh environments, such as in semiconductor manufacturing. These O-rings are proven to be very durable and have been put to several type of testing before start using these O-rings in the industry. These are easy to handle and use and also provide the factor of consistency.

Kalrez parts provide exceptional chemical and thermal stability for semiconductor applications. Chemical processing technologies are widely used in many industries, including manufacturing and agriculture. They play a critical role in producing goods and food, and in controlling environmental pollutants. The material can provide long-term swelling and embrittlement resistance in abrasive environments. Food and pharmaceutical applications are important fields of study. These applications can have a wide range of benefits, including improving human health and well-being.

The Kalrez O-Rings are known to provide protection from heat and chemicals, as well as resistance to contamination. Kalrez compounds are safe and effective for use by the FDA. Aircraft are a type of aerospace. Kalrez parts can handle a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for applications in aerospace and aircraft. Oil and gas are important resources for the economy. They provide jobs and revenue for businesses and help us achieve our energy needs. Bay Seal Kalrez rubber O-rings are a good choice for corrosion resistance and durability under high temperatures and pressures. These are usually the first choice of the manufactures who care about the quality and durability. Seal Company make sure that they put these Kalrez O-rings through the rigorous testing to ensure the quality of the products and to provide the best viable products to the customers to ensure their satisfaction.

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