How to Mute Zoom Audio Without Muting Computer

Mute Zoom Audio

Easy hack to mute the host in a Zoom Meeting

In 2020, Zoom will be used for all types of conferences and business meetings. It follows that more utility necessitates greater efficiency. Due to the lack of information, a number of functionalities on both your PC and Zoom go unused. Such hacks are helpful in such circumstances.

One such problem that necessitates a clever workaround is turning off Zoom audio without turning off your computer. Turning down the volume while in a Zoom meeting might be frustrating because it frequently also mutes the computer’s overall volume. The strategy needed to solve this problem is quite intriguing because it is clever but incredibly straightforward.

Muting Zoom Audio without Turning Down the Computer Volume

Using Windows 10’s “Volume Mixer” tool more intricately is the simple trick you need to learn to make your Zoom experience more effective. Simply right-click on the sound icon in the bottom-right corner of the Windows Taskbar when your Zoom call is active and select the ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option from the expanded menu.

Volume Mixer

The Volume Mixer interface, which offers a variety of volume-adjustable options for various applications, would then appear. Click on the Sound icon at the base of the vertical bar after choosing the Zoom Meeting volume bar from among them. This would mute the audio for your Zoom meeting without affecting the loudness of your computer or the audio from any other applications.

vertical bar

How to Mute Zoom Audio? Such tricks can occasionally save your life in specific circumstances, therefore mastering them is never a waste of time. Next time you need to silence your Zoom meeting while on a Zoom call, just follow the guidelines that were present to make your Zoom Meetings run more successfully.

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