How to Install Notepadqq on Ubuntu 20.04, a worthy Notepad++ Alternative

Install Notepadqq

On Ubuntu, are you looking for a good Notepad++ substitute? Consider using the free Notepadqq app.

If you’ve ever used Windows’ Notepad++ and wished Linux had a programme like it. You would then adore Notepadqq. Notepadqq is a native Linux application that has been purposefully created to resemble Notepad++ visually and aurally.

There are more than 100 programming languages supported by Notepadqq. In comparison to Linux’s Notepad++, it operates quickly. Additionally, it supports both mathematical expressions and themes.

We will set up Notepadqq on Ubuntu 20.04 in this guide. Using either the apt package management or the snap package manager, we can install Notepadqq. Any technique you choose to use to install Notepadqq is acceptable. Let’s now examine the Notepadqq installation process.

Install Notepadqq using Apt

To install Notepadqq, open the terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T and run the following command.

sudo apt install notepadqq
sudo apt install notepadqq
That completes the installation of Notepadqq on your computer. To easily locate and launch the programme, use the App Launcher or look it up in the GNOME Activities menu.

Install Notepadqq using Snap

Snap packages can be installed in two ways in Ubuntu 20.04. You can use snap command in the terminal or use Ubuntu Software Centre.

Install from the command line

To install Notepadqq using snap command, open the terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T and run:

snap install notepadqq

snap install notepadqq

If an authentication prompt pops up, enter the password and press the ‘Authenticate’ button.

Your Notepadqq installation will be complete soon and you’ll be able to launch it from the App launcher in Ubuntu.

Install from the Ubuntu Software Centre

Similarly, to install Notepadqq from Ubuntu Software Centre. Run Ubuntu Software Centre from the Dock or the Application menu.

Install from the Ubuntu Software Centre

Once Ubuntu Software Centre is open, press the search icon at the top left corner of the window. Then, a Search Box will appear. Type or paste Notepadqq in the search box and hit Enter.

Notepadqq in the search box

Select Notepadqq from the list of apps in search results. Then, press the ‘Install’ button on Notepadqq’s app listing page.

Notepadqq from the list of apps

Enter your Ubuntu user password when prompted to authenticate the installation, then click the “Authenticate” button to confirm the installation of Notepadqq.

In the end, Notepadqq can be installed using any of the aforementioned techniques. Choose your favourite method and use a superior alternative to Notepad++ for code editing on your Linux computer.

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