How to Increase Breast Milk for Your Child?


The ratio of breastfeeding is decreasing with every passing day. In some countries, even less than ten percent of mothers are feeding their children through their breasts. The reason is simple mothers who don’t breastfeed their children are cautious about their breast shape. Another reason for not breastfeeding the child is the availability of powdered milk.

Children who are not breastfeeding are at risk of experiencing several mild health problems. Usually, the milk of the mother plays a major role than you can think to improve the immune system of the child. On the other hand, when a child doesn’t breastfeed his/her immune system is weak.

There are women who want to feed their children through their breasts. But they don’t have enough milk to fill the belly of their child. According to the best gynecologist, it will not be very difficult to increase the milk supply if you are feeling that your child is not getting enough milk.

Gynecologists say that usually, the first six weeks of breastfeeding are crucial, especially this time period will be crucial for women who are for the first time breastfeeding their child. Because during this time both mother and child are figuring out a routine.

Being a mother, you may be concerned about the levels of breast milk in your child. As a mother, you always want to keep your child fed. Therefore, if you think that your body is not making enough milk for your child, then you can follow some natural ways to increase milk.

These natural ways will not only increase milk levels but also improve your health. It means that you will down three birds with a single shot. Let’s explore these ways without wasting time.

How to Increase Breast Milk

Increasing breast milk will be easy than you think it is. Some mothers complain that they will face a lot of trouble while increasing their milk. They say this because they don’t have much information about the ways of increasing breast milk. Being a mother, after knowing these ways, you will say that there is nothing as easy as increasing the process of breast milk.

1- A Change in Breastfeeding Frequency

Usually, mothers do have not clarity about the factors that affect the production of milk. They think that only external factors such as eating or exercise habits have a link with milk production. No doubt, these factors affect it but they are not the only ones.

Your body’s ability to produce also depends on the number of times your baby sucks your breasts. Yes, it is quite right that your baby has an influence on milk production. When your child sucks your breasts and gets milk, this process makes the cells stimulate which are responsible for milk production.

Therefore, a mother always needs to breastfeed her child several times a day to increase her milk supply. Some mothers breastfeed their children only three to five times a day. This habit of not breastfeeding the child more than that can cause a decrease in the production of milk.

If nowadays it is your biggest concern to increase your milk production then you will need to increase the frequency of your breastfeeding. Gynecologists believe that it is ideal for a mother to breastfeed her child eight to twelve times every day.

Several mothers have reported that there was an increase in milk when they after some time breastfed their children.

2- You can Use a Breast Compression

You probably know about breast compression if you are breastfeeding a child. You can breast compression is a way or technique that will help your baby to get more milk while breastfeeding. This way will also help in getting more milk from your breasts when you are using a breast pump.

However, this technique will be more effective for those mothers whose child is not breastfeeding in the best way. If your child is breastfeeding in the most effective way then there will be no need to use breast compression for your child.

Sometimes, when your baby is a newborn there are chances that he will not a strong nurser. In this case, the way of breast compression will help in keeping the milk flowing.

3- Breastfeed Your Baby from Both Sides

We have seen many mothers who breastfeed their children from only one side of the breast at a time. For instance, they will breastfeed their children from one side in the morning. And in the middle of the day, they will use the other side to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding your child from both sides can increase milk production. As studies show that pumping from both breasts effectively increases milk levels in the body. When there will be an increase in milk production through this process, your child will become healthier.

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