3 Best Ways to Find Salvage Yards Near Me?

Salvage Yards

Junkyards or salvage yards are businesses that buy and sell old, unwanted, or unroadworthy vehicles and parts. They ply their trade locally, which helps them quickly turn a profit and incur fewer expenses, especially in towing.

Finding a reliable salvage yard may prove to be an uphill task if you have an automobile to get rid of or are in the market for rare car parts and other metallic equipment.

That’s why in this post, we’ll analyze three of the best ways to find salvage yards near your location for your convenience:

The Top 3 Ways to Find Salvage Yards Near My Location

Finding a junkyard near your location need not be time-consuming and nerve-racking due to the availability of online platforms from which to access services.

1. USCarJunker – The Best for Extensive Customer Service

The USCarJunker platform saves you the troubles associated with selling junk vehicles by offering instant quotes and paying for them without delay. Further, you should check out USCarJunker to enjoy free junk car removal services, which ensures smooth and fast conversion of the car into cash.


  • Free towing services. Arranging for personal transportation of your junk is an expensive and tiresome exercise from which the USCarJunker saves you.
  • Quick and convenient process. The website has easy and fast steps to convert your car into cash conveniently.
  • Competitive and fair prices. At USCarJunker, you can sell your car in any condition and earn a better price than the competition.
  • No hidden charges. You get instant quotes for your junk car with little to no additional charges upon inspection.
  • Excellent customer service. Upon agreeing with USCarJunker, they will set up a date and time for picking up your car whenever you are ready. The site also has a dedicated hotline to respond to customer queries.
  • Country-wide service. This platform buys and sells damaged cars of whatever make from all the states in the US.


  1. Go to the USCarJunker website and get your car quoted by filling in the basic info of your vehicle or calling the provided customer number.
  2. You will get an instant offer, upon whose acceptance the company schedules free towing at your convenience.
  3. On collection day, there will be a quick inspection at no extra cost on your part before hauling the car. You can then select to accept your payment in cash or via cheque.


  • The USCarJunker website is less selective as it accepts unwanted cars no matter their make and defects.
  • It has the fairest valuation process using AI-based junk car analysis technology, which bases a car’s worth on modern industry standards.
  • You get an instant quote without pressure to sell the car for you to compare prices.
  • The site provides a satisfactory customer experience, complete with a dedicated hotline, professional staff, and a protection plan to cover damages during shipping.
  • Free pick-up and towing facilities at no extra cost to their customers.
  • This website has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with useful widgets and shortcuts to a credible salvage yard.


  • It may be challenging to access some salvage yards from very remote locations.

2. JunkYardNearMe – The Best for Easy Transaction

JunkYardNearMe is a powerful search engine with reliable information on junkyards near you and other car sellers across the country. In addition, the platform buys out-of-service cars for a reasonable price, and its workflow is quite simple.


  • Quick and basic checkup
  • Accurate listings of salvage yards
  • Eco-friendly


  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click Apply Online and provide basic information about your car to get a quote.
  3. Receive and accept an offer.
  4. Schedule a date for collection of the vehicle by an agent of the company.
  5. A quick and basic checkup at their yard.
  6. Instant payment.


  • They guarantee offers from only licensed, bonded, and insured junkyards.
  • The whole process of handling the vehicles is done in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Stress-free transaction from start to finish, followed by instant payment.
  • The company will purchase your car at a good price regardless of the condition.


  • Unresponsive customer care.
  • It doesn’t operate in all the states.
  • The car must be checked in their yard to receive payment.

3. SalvageParts – The Best to Find Local Junkyards

SalvageParts is an online junkyard search engine with a directory of leading junkyards in the US and Canada. You get a list of all the nearby junkyards by providing your address, ZIP code, or city name. Besides junkyards, the website is an excellent platform for selling or buying used car parts.


  • Instant search
  • Auto parts listings
  • Flawless payment


  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on Find Junkyards Near Me.
  3. Use the My Location button to find junkyards near you, sorted by distance, or type in your address, ZIP code, or city.
  4. Scroll down to search salvage yards in Canada by province.
  5. Choose a junkyard that may interest you and provide information to get a quote.
  6. After a basic checkup, you will receive payment.


  • Its junkyard database is robust and provides access o almost every junkyard in USA and Canada.
  • Their quotes are real-time and based on the current market condition, guaranteeing the best prices.
  • Aside from used cars, the site provides guaranteed used parts from their partner junkyards.


  • Too many featured salvage yards may induce the customer into making a hasty decision.


Hopefully, this article has alleviated your anxiety about finding trustworthy salvage yards near your location in three simple ways to guarantee success.

While it’s an eco-friendly endeavor, getting rid of junk vehicles often proves an expensive affair that turns away most people. However, taking advantage of a site like the USCarJunker makes it a simple, straightforward, and profitable undertaking.

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